Benefits of Going Green

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Financial Benefits

  •     Reduced energy and water usage and costs
  •     Reduced paper, waste and associated costs
  •     Reduced materials in production of products
  •     Grants available for improved sustainability practices
  •     Visibility of performance of buildings due to mandatory reporting 

Human Resources and Employees Engagement

  •     Improved working conditions
  •     Increase productivity
  •     Improved attraction and retention of staff
  •     Increased staff loyalty
  •     Reduced costs associated with improved HR outcomes

Brand and Reputation

  •     Improved corporate social responsibility performance
  •     Reduced liability and risk management
  •     Improved competitiveness and market positioning
  •     Increased marketability

Environmental Benefits

  •     Paper and resource efficiency
  •     Reduction in carbon footprint
  •     Reduced emissions
  •     Strong position to influence supply chain